Whipper vs Masked Marvel 1947

Whipper tries to rip the mask off the Marvel while special referee Jack Dempsey looks on.
While he wouldn't get the mask in this bout Whipper would eventually unmask the Marvel as Lew Reynheer in 1949.

Jack Dempsey was a reg referee here for several years, not only at MLG but all over the area.
He would ref big bouts in Oshawa, Hamilton and smaller towns like Newmarket.
In 1951 he was said to be paid $225 to ref a bout in Newmarket, more than the wrestlers got.

When Whipper finally unmasked Lew, he was said to be the 'original' Masked Marvel
but he was in fact the third different Marvel to appear here.

Whipper made a career of unmasking wrestlers you can see more at

MLW Blog-Whipper Collecting Masks

Photo by Turofsky- Thanks to Roger Baker

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