Chris and John Tolos from Hamilton were one of the all time great tag-teams.
In their day "There was only one way to spell wrestling - "T-O-L-O-S!"

Above: No shortage of words! - The Brothers vocalize while ref Billy Stack looks on - 1962

They were already established wrestlers by the time they debuted at MLG with a win in Mar 1957 facing Doc Gallagher & Carlos Moreno. Toronto was a hotbed of tag teams at the time and the Tolos had no shortage of worthy opponents including other brother teams The Millers & The Gallaghers.

Above: Rumble on the floor ! Chris battles the Whip at MLG - 1961

In 1961 the hometown boys would spend more time around Toronto and Hamilton finding even more brother teams to go up against. The Smith's (local, though billed from the West) were frequent opponents for the tough Tolos' against whom they would take their first run with the International Tag Belts. Subsequent battles with Whipper Watson & Yukon Eric and Whipper with Bill Soloweyko would see them take the belts 2 more times in 1962.

Above: Pensive moment at MLG ! Chris goes over strategy with second Phil Lizner - 1961

The Brothers would continue to appear in Southern Ontario while also touring the territories through 1965.
In Jan 1970 they would return to the Gardens to take on Haystack Calhoun & Gino Brito
in what would be their last appearance together at MLG.

Above: Oshawa 1962

The 70's would see Chris stay local teaming with various partners while John would go on to great fame in Los Angeles with a long fued with Freddie Blassie. Here in Toronto Chris would battle Johnny Valentine in July 1975 in what would be Valentine's last Toronto appearance and he would also serve as special referee for a rare time when The Sheik was without the U.S. belt - the wild battle where The Sheik regains his belt from Bobo Brazil in Feb 1977.

Above: Niagara Falls 1962

In addition to the regular MLG cards Chris was also a mainstay on the Wildman circuit around Ontario through the late 70's before making his last appearance at MLG in Mar 1980 with a draw vs fellow Hamilton star Nick DeCarlo.

He was advertised for July 1981 bout vs DeCarlo at MLG but didn't appear. He continued on the Wildman circuit and appears to have aligned with Wildman McKigney in his battle with the Tunneys and the Ontario Sports Commission.

Around 1982 Chris would fade from the Toronto scene ending what was a
long and illustrious career covering four decades.

Thanks to Roger Baker for the fabulous photos from his collection

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