In 1953 the NWA World champ came to MLG to take on the newest masked man on the scene.
Just the previous week Lou Thesz had dispatched Gorgeous George in short order and was back in town.

The first pic shows Thesz administering what was described as a 'back slam' (aka a suplex)
around the 20 minute mark which left Thesz to pin him while Bunny Dunlop counted to three.

The mask, torn off reveals Dutch Hefner who becomes the 13th masked man to lose his mask at MLG
see Gary Will's TWH - Unmasked! for the others

The whole Red Mask fun wasn't limited to MLG. Les Lyman who was promoting weekly Indy cards every
Wednesday at East York Arena at the time also got in on the whole gimmick.
As did the Pinecrest Speedway in Toronto -see clips below

Turofsky photos - Thanks to Roger Baker

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