From April 1958 the Lisowski Brothers taking on Whipper Watson & Wilbur Snyder
Watson had pinned Reggie and the brothers (especially Reg left) were not happy with special ref 'Jersey' Joe Walcott!

Stan was actually Stan Holek while Reggie Lisowski would later become the world famous 'The Crusher'
Walcott was a semi regular ref here from 1957 - 1962 coming in for big bouts and also worked in Ottawa and other spots.
Al 'Bunny' Dunlop is also in the shot at far right, there were usually 2 refs for the tag bouts in this era.

The Lisowski's did well here holding the Canadian Open Tag Titles twice but Reggie as 'The Crusher'
only made it back to MLG twice in 1978 during the time that Frank Tunney was working with the AWA

Burns photo - Thanks to Roger Baker

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