A look through classic Scrapbooks from the history of Maple Leaf Wrestling


Whipper Watson and Yvon Robert were the 1-2 punch in Canadian Wrestling during the 1940's and 1950's.
Whipper ruled Toronto while Robert ruled Montreal and over the years the two had quite a rivalry going.

After many tough battles here and in Quebec, the two would finally team up to create a dream team of the era.
It wouldn't take long for the two to lift the Canadian Open Tag Titles from Dick Raines and Lou Plummer.

They would soon face one of the top tag teams ever to wrestle at MLG. Al & Tiny Mills, known as 'Murder Inc.'
Former boxing champ Joe Louis would be brought in to serve as co-referee with Joe Gollob and the
fans would come in droves to see the bout. 16,000 of them would fill up the Gardens to see the heroes win.

The re-match saw 10,000 at MLG with Jack Sharkey assigned as 2nd ref for this one.
While Whipper was being viciously attacked Hombre Montana rushed the ring causing the champs
to lose the titles by disqualification to the Mills.

Watson would then team with Montana in trying to regain the titles and would see success a couple of months later.
Robert, nearing the end of his career would return to Montreal and stay local through the next few years.

Thanks to Roger Baker

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