Another classic photo from Roger Baker featuring Whipper Watson alongside Sam Muchnick at Maple Leaf Stadium circa 1965. Muchnick was the long time St Louis Promoter and 2 time NWA President with a career path similar to Toronto Promoter Frank Tunney.

Tunney and Muchnick were said to be close and would frequent each others cities regularly for big cards. Muchnick could often be found in Toronto for NWA Title bouts during the reigns of Whipper Watson and Lou Thesz, as well as when the title changed hands. Sam was in attendance the night Dick Hutton beat Thesz for the World Title in Nov 1957 and for other big bouts featuring our local titles right up into the 1970's.

Watson, like Tunney, was well respected by his peers and the NWA promoters. In addition to his 2 NWA Title reigns. Watson would attend NWA board meetings and did some promoting himself here in Ontario and for a time had been involved with both the St Louis and Seattle territories.

Maple Leaf Stadium was an outdoor Baseball park near the lakefront in Toronto and was used during the summer months occasionally through the '60's era. In the summers of 1965, 66, and 67 there were regular shows at the Stadium

Thanks to Roger Baker for this Classic Photo!

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