Killer Kowalski on the offensive vs Hans Schmidt 1953

Here we have two villains matched up in a heel vs heel bout at MLG.
The Polish Giant vs The Munich Menace

Schmidt had earned a reputation as Toronto's most hated 'bad guy'. In the weeks previous he had manhandled crowd favorite and the rarely defeated Yukon Eric. Tunney matched him next vs the Killer, said to have previously caused Whipper Watson to require an appendectomy, that Yukon Eric ear thing, and just as hated among the Gardens faithful.

The two battled it out in front of 9,500 fans who in the words of Joe Perlove 'were democratic at all times. They didn't care who maimed who.' After 26 minutes of brawling Kowalski was laid out on the mat after a Schmidt dropkick from the ramp and by the time big Hans made it back ref Bert Maxwell had counted him out.

Photo by Turofsky- Thanks to Roger Baker

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