Ivan Koloff Feb 21 1982 after retaining his Mid-Atlantic TV Title
Koloff pauses on the ramp to reflect on his dq win over Jimmy Valiant. The re-styled 'Boogie Woogie' Valiant was huge here at this time, the fans crazy for him. The bouts were short but at high excitement from the moment he bounced down the ramp.

Koloff, more of a traditional star was as hated as Valiant was loved. The 'Russian Bear' had a long history here going back to 1968, had challenged for both the NWA (Funk Jr.) and WWWF (Backlund) Titles at MLG, and was a big part of the M-A years here.

The two would feud for a few months before Valiant beat him in June at MLG to win the title. The feud would start again in October with them trading it again although the lineage here is different than in the Carolinas.

Photo by MLW

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