NWA champ Dick Hutton is carried off after a tough bout vs Whipper Watson 1958

Hutton will be forever linked to Toronto after winning the title here in Nov 1957 by beating Lou Thesz.
He debuted here in April 1956 and soon started his $1000 challenge to anyone who could pin him in under 20 minutes.

This bout, 2 months after Hutton had won the title ended when Watson appeared to pin Hutton but the champ
had his foot on the ropes. Whipper didn't like the result so threw Hutton over the ropes and got disqualified.

Along with a Metro Police officer, a Gardens usher helps remove Hutton.
That nattily dressed gent in the middle sitting stiffly resembles Frank Tunney as a young man doesn't it? It's not

Photo by Michael Burns - Thanks to Roger Baker

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