A set of 4 of The Destroyer vs Billy Red Lyons 1983
This bout not in Maple Leaf area technically but was in Louisville NY across the St Lawrence not far from
Cornwall, ON when both were appearing for International Wrestling.

The Destroyer as Dick Beyer had debuted in Toronto early in his career in 1956 returning as 'The Original Sensational Destroyer' in 1979. He and Billy Red were brother-in-laws (Beyer married BRL's wifes sister) and had a good rapport, both in interviews when BRL was announcing as well as in the ring.

There were other 'Destroyers' in the interim. The 60's saw Joe Christie as the 'Masked Destroyer' before he was unmasked by Johnny Valentine in 1964. There were versions on the smaller circuits and in the late '70's we had the AWA Super Destroyers I (Don Jardine) and II (Sgt Slaughter) hence when Beyer returned he demanded to be called the 'Original Sensational...'.

Even this late in their careers they would put on a wrestling clinic anytime they would appear. Both were winding down their in-ring days at this point so it was a treat to be able to see them regularly here and for those in Montreal and area.

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