Thanks to Christofer Kovachis (pictured at left with the belt) for these pics of the Canadian Title Belt. The belt was cast by beltmaker Alex Mulko aka Nikita Mulkovich. Mulko was an Ontario native who made his way around the territories in the 60's as a Russian heel and started to create cast title belts for the various promotions of the time. His work was worn by champions across Florida, Texas, The Carolinas, Detroit, and New York among others - and ultimately Toronto.

The 'story' was that the belt was created for the Trans World Wrestling Association as is noted as TWWA on the belt face. The Japanese promotion (with ties to Toronto) under promoter Isao Yoshihara had former NWA champ Lou Thesz as it's first champ in 1968 with the promotion folding shortly thereafter due to some money issues. However pics of the TWWA champs (Thesz/Hodge) show a different belt.

While this one may not be one of his most famous belts (WWWF belt in the 70's likely...) it was the focal point of the Toronto promotion from the 'return' of the Canadian belt in 1978 to the end in 1984.

Tunney put the belt on Dino Bravo after Bravo beat former NWA champ Gene Kiniski for the 'vacant' title on Dec 17 1978. It gave us our own title after many years of only a US title belt as owned by The Sheik and it was at this same time that Toronto started recognizing the M-A version of the US Title as worn by Ric Flair at the onset of the affiliation. Believe those belts also were made by Mulko.

In July 1984 the WWF took over promoting Toronto and the Canadian belt was gone, the last person to hold it being Angelo Mosca Jr. who never got to defend it after beating Ivan Koloff in June.

Fast forward a few years and the belt is in the hands of respected beltmaker Dave Millican. A local fan contacts him and the belt is back in Toronto. Chris recently brought the belt back again to Toronto after an extended run in Maritime Wrestling!

Thanks again to another old-time fan for the valued contribution to the site
Hope you enjoy this close up look at the Canadian Title belt.

Chris also got to spend some time with former Canadian champ Ivan Koloff
& his arch-rival here in Toronto Jimmy Valiant, and recorded it with this great shot!

Hossein The Arab/The Iron Sheik poses with the belt in 2010

Sgt Slaughter poses with the belt in 2010

Greg Valentine poses with the belt in 2003

Angelo Mosca with the belt 2011

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