From 1952 to 1961 we had the Canadian Open Tag Team Titles.
Tag Titles were a fairly new thing in the early 1950's and instead of belts, most promotions awarded a trophy to the champs.

In Toronto we had the Calvert Trophy. Calvert Distillery sponsored many sports and had a syndicated column in the papers.
Another noteworthy Calvert Trophy had been awarded to hockey great Maurice Richard in 1951, ours was presented in August 1952.

The first holders of the titles were Whipper Watson and Pat Flanagan.
They defeated Lord Layton and Hans Hermann in a tournament final to gain the honors.

Unlike some of the other Tournaments here this one had been going on for 4 consecutive cards.
Layton was originally paired with Fred Atkins while Hermann was paired with Lee Henning.

Whip and Pat beat Wee Willie Davis and Roberto Pico, then Hermann and Henning to head to the final.
Atkins and Layton made it to the final by beating Warren Bockwinkel and Ray Villmer and then Yukon Eric and Johnny Barend.
Atkins was said to have injured his shoulder so Hermann was allowed to sub and team with Layton.

Whipper pinned Hermann to make he and Pat the first champs.

They would in turn lose to 'Dirty' Dick Raines and Lou Plummer in Dec 1952.
Whipper would find a new partner in a new 'dream team' paired with Quebec great Yvon Robert
and the two would take the trophy in June 1953.

After losing to the Mills Brothers Al and Tiny, Whipper would then team with Hombre Montana.
They would take the trophy in Jan 1954 but after the bout the Mills would destroy the trophy.

Enter former wrestler turned clothier (Mr Big and Tall) George Richards.
He would present a new trophy to Watson and Montana deemed the 'George Richards Trophy.'

The Mills would regain the trophy and this time would not destroy it.
The trophy would go through a few different looks as the years went on.
Another version was destroyed by the Kalmikoff's after losing to Whipper and Ilio DiPaulo.
In 1961 the title was replaced by the International Tag Titles.

main: Whipper and Flanagan 1952
Whipper and Pat, Raines and Plummer 1952
Robert and Watson with John Katan, Mills Brothers 1953
Watson and Montana with George Richards 1954
Yukon Eric and Watson 1955

Title lineage is on Gary Will's TWH linked on the main page of this site

Thanks to Roger Baker

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